Tutorial English

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Tutorial English

Beitrag von Philippowitsch am Sa Jan 10, 2009 4:32 pm

Dear guest,
welcome to our forum.
This forum is the common forum of the alliances Commonwealth, NOS and -=TRA=-.
There are some things we want to know from you when you apply here:

  • Your ingame Name.
  • Your ingame ID.
  • The place you are actual ranked on.
  • If you already have been member of an or more alliances we would like the names of the alliances and why you left.
  • What is your style of playing stargatewars? (Are you more offensive or more defensive?)
  • Why do you want to join CONOSTRA?
  • Which CONOSTRA alliance you would like to join?
  • Please also post a few stats. (Unit production, Spy Level, total army size and Att-, Def-, Spy and MS-power.)

The senate votes about your application and someon will inform you within the next two days.
Thank you for your application,
Field Major
Field Major

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Re: Tutorial English

Beitrag von Rathak am Mo Feb 23, 2009 12:20 am

min. condition:
for NOS
min. 15.000 UP or min. 10.000 UP and min. 1mil Units (without mercenarys)

for CW
50.000 up + 20mil Units (without mercenarys)

for TRA
min. 50.000 UP or 30k UP + 15 Mil Units (without mercenarys)

edit by thor: conditions uptated as at 26.05.2010


Major Grade 3
Major Grade 3

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New conditions for NOS

Beitrag von Gater am Fr Nov 20, 2009 6:01 pm

Requirements for NOS


  • min Att
  • min Def
  • min Spy
  • Rank in TOP 300
  • At least 15k UP/day
  • At least 1.000.000 UNits in total (without mercs)
  • About half of the Total Fighting FOrce should be UU

If your Def or Spy are more than at least four times the requirements you can have less than the requestet Power in another another Ranking-Stat (Att/Def/spy)

Behaviour in the alliance

  • Following the orders from Leadership, senates, and Leaders and Vice-Leaders from Commonwealth and TRA

  • No Lone-wolf actions that may har the alliances reputation or may cause bigger damage, massive attacks that do not fit into the idea of farming have to be discussed and authorized by the leadership. if the leadership is not available at the moment the undertaking is to be seen as not authorized.
    please ask the leaders of your own alliance first before you go to the leaders of Commonwealth or TRA or to a Senate member(PM a senate member and ask him to bring your undertaking forward to the senate.)

  • show respect to other players especially to those that play much longer or were members of the alliance long before you.

  • be active in the forums at least once per day (reading new posts, maybe tell us your opinion)

  • take part in the alliance life by using this forums, a messenger or IRC. of course its natural that we help each other!

  • dthe alliance's interst in general are more important than the single players.

in general we watch out for lasting accounts. there is an old wisdom from .com: \"Rank menas nothing!\"
It may be that you are not accepted as a member if we find your sats account is only build on stats and not for lasting long.

System Lord
System Lord

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Re: Tutorial English

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